Dr Julie Smith a welcome addition to our mental health tool kit

I first became aware of Dr Julie Smith Psychologist when I was working as a counsellor in schools during the pandemic. She had created videos which were launched on tic toc giving colourful, simple and inspiring explainations of mental health, how we can self care and explaining the range of emotions that are entirely understandable in the situation we find ourselves in.

One of my favourite explainations that she gives is holding a balloon under water and how much concentration it takes for it not to pop up into the air when we are tired or distracted in the way that our trauma or emotion can pop up when we are trying our best to suppress it. She describes the therapeutic process as a way of gently releasing air from the balloon rather than trying to constantly hold it down. Therefore we can have a gradual sense of release of the pressure.

Below is a link for her website and also her book “Why has nobody told me this before”.  This book is an excellent resource on the subject of emotions and resilience. I regularly recommend this book.

For mental health purposes, it can be useful to create a portfolio of organisations, books, online resources to sign post to, Often a counselling service is the link to a pathway for you and it is part of my job to be aware of the quality resources that become available.

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