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Angela counsellor Dunfermline

I understand how it feels to be anxious and overwhelmed

It can have a very big impact on both family and work life. It is really common for overwhelm and anxiety to show up with changes in your thinking, the way your body feels, your productivity and general enjoyment of life.

You may find yourself avoiding doing certain things that in the past you could do easily. Other tasks you may be repeating too often, such as checking and double checking your work. You may be catastrophising or imagining the worst outcomes spending a lot of time in “horrible daydreams”.

There can be many physical symptoms from adrenalin reaction such as feeling sick and having a tremor. All these things can feel scary if we do not fully understand what is happening.

Chronic insomnia or occasionally struggling to sleep is another common feature of anxiety. Perhaps you feel that you would like to run away. This is when therapy can be helpful.

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