Anxiety. Is it really a big problem?

Mental health is a subject commonly in the news.

One of the reasons I chose to adapt my counselling service and also become a mental health education service is that I noted particularly during Covid times that there was much emphasis on the fact that as a nation we were becoming more anxious.

This label of anxiety can be a hindrance when it is not balanced with the reassurance that anxiety is our superpower and we exist purely because our ancestors were anxious enough to be alert and survive.

When we find panic attacks are a problem for us, if we explore, we can usually find in our detective work that body was giving us signals that life was slightly off track or a bit too much quite some time ago. While we ignore these signals, our body gives us a steadier louder and louder message that it is not being listened to. Body says could we please pay attention and make some adjustments in life that can help us feel more secure and settled.

Often understanding what is happening in our body and our mind in times of pressure can be so reassuring that the information itself can take down our anxiety by several notches. The next stage of anxiety reduction is to look at healthy stress releasers that work most effectively for us. These can vary depending on the sensory preferences that we have. Exercise one of the most powerful stress relievers. The process of movement leads us to process adrenalin through our liver and excrete it rather than having it stay in our system.

Perhaps you would be interested in learning more about what happens in your body in moments of anxiety and in turn learn about the methods of calm that would be most helpful for you to have in your tool box.


There is help here at My Therapy Time to allow that process.

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