Five pieces of music. The senses, the Amydgdala and that powerful emotional connection

What music does for the soul.

It has long been recognised that music can be our friend when we are alone, when we choose those pieces or songs that we relate to and perfectly mirror how we feel in that moment.

Music also brings people together in a powerful way, allowing for unspoken connection. It can therapeutically take us back in time and there is the sense that those who share our musical taste just “get it.”

Being lost in music can be a wonderful escape from everyday life or the difficulties that we may be facing. It can also be a cathartic release tapping into the emotion that thought alone could not allow.

During your counselling experience you may find that music is a way to tune in and also a way to take a break and have a rest from processing. Dancing about for example and getting back to body can be a fantasic way to let go of energy that might be hanging about, release and refresh.

Looking at the science behind this, it has been found that there are cells in the Amygdala area of our brain (our emotional library) which  link external stimuli such as music with certain emotions. This effect can be recognised with other senses such as smell taking us back in time. A perfume instantly reminding us of a person in our life for example.

Here are five pieces of music that you may find useful or perhaps just plain old good to listen to.

What emotions will these pieces create for you I wonder.

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